Art Process: Goat Girl Inking in Less than an Hour

I like inking because it doesn't take hours and hours of waiting for paint to dry: it's beautiful looking and has a sketchy feel to it. You can get a gist of what needs to be portrayed in a matter of forty minutes or less when it comes to inking. Here is my step to step process of the goat girl with a third eye.

1st step: Sketch: For the concept I wanted simple shapes and anime like style features. Only lines for the nose, parted cartoony lips, cutesy eyes. I embellished with the third eye and the horns. I added ears to add to the goat like features.

2nd step: I inked the drawing with a .02 green ink pen. I love the colored inks as it's not as harsh as the black pens. The trick to inking is to not think so much about it, it's okay if you mess up, just like putting on makeup/eyeliner you can thicken the line if you'd like. At the end of the day if you try to make it 100% perfect it won't come out that way.

***2nd step*** I erased the pencil markers and was going to start over but I ended up really liking how streaky the third eye came out so I kept it.

3rd step: Inking everything out and coloring it. I used pink, purple, and green copic markers. I absolutely love these colors. My color palette is very Easter. For the hair I like to leave the highlights of the hair in an H shape, basically pretending I'm leaving the whites of the hair in an H formation. Also, as a finishing touch I touched up highlights with my new posca white pen: the whites of the eyes and lips.

Finished drawing that took less than an hour to do:

If you enjoyed my process and want to follow me for more, feel free to do so!

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