Why It Is Important To Have An Accident Report For A Worker’s Compensation Claim

There is a simple philosophy that works for most any area of your life that involves money. If you do not have the paper work then the event never happened. Some examples may help clarify the importance of documentation. If you cannot produce a marriage license then you are not legally married. If the police cannot produce evidence of an infraction they cannot charge you with a crime. If you need a help or advice you can contact truck accident attorneys fort worth and ask them.

You have no rights

You must come to terms with the facts that no matter how honest you are, no matter what your reputation for integrity may be, and regardless of how severely you are injured no insurance company, no health insurance provider, the state government, and the federal government are not going to provide you with any money for medical bills or compensation for injuries without an accident report.
Your word does not mean a thing in a worker’s compensation claim. You must have evidence that an accident happened as the result of some event at work. You have to have clear evidence that the injuries that you sustained happened at work.

You must have evidence

6796df82ec0b17d2b252f975a0776255An accident report is the first piece of evidence that all parties involved in a worker’s compensation claim will look at. The accident report and drug and alcohol testing that always follow a work related accident are your proof that you were not at fault in the accident.

An accident report is the first piece of evidence that a worker’s compensation attorney can use to help you if your employer denies responsibility for negligent activity that caused you to be injured.

This is an adversarial situation

Your friends and coworkers may not be available for giving evidence or they may be reluctant to speak in your behalf for fear of losing their jobs. An accident report can be used to subpoena all people that witnessed your accident or were involved in the decisions that led to your injury.

State and federal law set time limits for making a worker’s compensation claim and those time limits can be exceeded by an employer that does not produce an accident report in a timely manner.

An accident report should not be viewed as an admission of guilt on anyone’s part. The accident report simply states that an accident occurred. Most of the forms for reporting can explain the circumstances and may detail the initial extent of your injuries. The existence of a blank on form does not mean accurate information is going to be reported.
You have to understand that the worker’s compensation system has been defrauded and abused by so many people that the system and the courts have become more suspicious of people making worker’s compensation claims.

An accident report is your evidence and one f the most important tools that you can supply a worker’s compensation attorney with to fight for the compensation you deserve from being injured at work.

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Walking Away From A Slip N Fall Could Be A Horrible Mistake


The terms “slip and fall’ from a legal stand point should be clarified. It is used in the legal field for a personal injury claim. To be more specific it is an injury due to slipping or falling on someone else’s property. These generally occur on property or (premises) and the owner or owners may be held legally responsible or liable for a claim.

The list for what is considered dangerous environments are just some of the examples found below:


work-job-injury-accident_med*Poor Lighting

*Narrow stairway

*Wet Flooring

*Unsecured Flooring or carpet

*Obstructed pathways tripping

Other concepts of this are:

*Public sidewalks with cracks or potholes


*Icy Sidewalks

*Slippery rain

Some of the darnedest mishaps occur in all kinds of properties and premises, in ones daily lives and the surroundings found in everyday life matters: These are to be considered:


*Grocery Store

*Public Sidewalk

*Public Park

*Gyms-this a huge one

*Landlords-Ones condo/or rental

*Cold Weather

*Shopping Centers/Malls

So, the causality has occurred and there is injury sustained, and now there are measures to be taken on all parts, medically, physically, mentally and yes don’t forget legally. Breaking it down step by step will hopefully be of service in what to do in these types of situations. Why it is so important not to just walk away from a “slip and fall” situation?

The first and foremost is course the physical-the injury or injuries that have or might be occurring directly after the incident. Be aware though not all injuries present themselves immediately after the accident. Head and neck injuries are key factors in this equation. Back and legs and hips are also major locations. Seek medical attention a.s.a.p. So many people wait and this is a perfect atmosphere for the injuries to heal(but not properly, disabilities may appear, causing lack of income, mobility, and other necessary fundamental life functions. (This will also be useful on the legal side of the claim should there be one to pursue.)

At Doctor'sMedically get all the information recorded and documented while in the attending care of the medical facility. Seek the appropriate medical help, which will vary depending on the injury or injuries sustained. Emergency rooms are best for the legal end, and are aware that insurance companies and corporate institutions will seek to make it not their fault. Do NOT wait, for a few months, or days, or even a few hours’ time is critical. The brain and back injuries are most severe and need immediate attention for any future claim or case consideration and a happy outcome on the victim’s part. Not attending to these is a big set-back on the legal end.

Legally, on this front it is advisable not to let the insurance company administer a recorded to access the accident. Inform the business or the individual owner of the property or premise as to the situation. Keep the communications limited with these and employees, or witnesses. (This also applies to landlords, or homeowners). If one has expenses, medical, as well as loss of income, perhaps mental damages as well all this is best expedited sooner than later.

In the moment of the chaos, it is a normal reaction to just cut and run everything will be fine but not doing that very thing will bring one the peace of mind and the feeling of ease that the right steps from the medical to the legal side is the part of the article that relates to the spiritual side of the victim. With these steps taken, the process of the claim and perhaps the case being in ones favor is truly the best medicine for healing and getting back on track to living life.

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